Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hello Friends-

Can you believe that May is halfway gone?? I fear that we will zip right through Summer and then Fall will be on our doorsteps again! (which is okay with me, Fall is my favorite season!!}


Your City Council has been busy with our City Budget, new Ordinances, and planning for our future within the City. While the Council struggles with many decisions, we also look to our Citizens for input as well as help in achieving the many goals we set for ourselves. Money is always a tight concern – as we are spending the money of our taxpayers and trying our best to manage it well. We are always interested in your ideas and concerns and I invite you to contact your Alderman or myself with what is on your mind. While social media is a wonderful invention, I prefer not to talk about City business on it. I encourage you to contact me at City Hall or send me an email. My email address is:

The phone number at City Hall is 772-2521. While I do not currently have office hours, the Ladies at City Hall would be happy to take a message and I do promise to call you back.


We recently approved a contract to have our phone system within the City upgraded. This is a much needed improvement to help with our communication. I am so excited to get this upgrade as I will be able to have an actual phone line at my desk in the Council Chambers! We hope to have this upgrade done within the next couple of months. Phone systems at all the City properties are being upgraded, the Municipal Utilities Office, Recreation and Cultural Center, Police Department as well as the City Workers Shed and the Power Plant. Many thanks to Justin Griffith for all his hard work in getting this organized!


I had the honor to attend the DARE Graduation last week and shake the hands of each Graduate as they walked across the stage. Three young inspiring people read their winning essays – AMAZING!! Officer Hood spoke about the program and all that they do – what a task!! One thing Officer Hood didn’t mention was that the High School students who mentored the class, were in the very first class that Officer Hood instructed for DARE. What a great group of students and teachers we have in B-PC!! Our DARE program can always use money to keep this program going. If you can, please help by contributing to our DARE program. Any donations can be sent to City Hall with the notation of DARE program. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


I attended an MDH Roundtable discussion in April that was moderated by Kenny Boyd, President and CEO of MDH. It was an enlightening overview of MDH and how it affects our Community. The next day it was announced that Mr. Boyd was leaving MDH for a position in another state. They will have a national search for a replacement.


Our May Play Days are coming up – and will be over by the time this is published. I’m sure that everyone attended and got their fix on a corn dog and the amazing rides provided by Boden Amusements! I will be speaking on Rotary Radio Days being held this year during May Play Days at the Depot – I hope I did okay!!


We have so many wonderful events coming up. We have Graduation – what a new adventure awaits these students who are our future!! Congratulations to them all!! Jeep Blitz at the end of the month – I hope you all get the opportunity to participate in some of the activities they have planned – even if you don’t have a Jeep! The Park and Shine will be uptown on the Square – I hear they are expecting a bigger crowd than ever before! There will also be a Jeep Parade on Saturday . They will be downtown around 5:45 going down West Main Street to Hail and Hail to East Main Street. They are expecting around 500 jeeps during the festivities with 50-100 participating in the Parade. Please take the time to check out Jeep Blitz!!


And finally, Mother’s Day will have passed by the time this is printed. However, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day! You all deserve the best!!




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